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         Products included on this site employ a self-monitoring buck converter. The user communicates with the buck converter via a wireless connection to the worlds finest handheld computer, Hewlett Packards HP48 Graphing Calculator. The HP48 Graphing Calculator is your remote front panel!
         Clock & Calendar, Almanac & advanced mathmatical functions allow any level of sophisticaton in mathematical computatations, graphing and curve fitting. The HP48 allows data acquisition and control on an exquisite level. User- defined subroutines can be set to execute on any given date and time, on repeating or non-repeating schedules. AC version employs a Power Factor Corrected input current so it's environmentally friendly.

TPC series, a self-monitoring converter
         These buck converters have the ability to measure their own input and output currents and voltages.   This enables power measurements to be made at the input and output.   From those, an efficiency caluculation can be made.   Amp-Hour and Kilowatt-Hour counting is also possible.   Chassis temperature is monitored as well.   When the unit is in thermal-limit mode, the chassis temperature regulates at a user-defined temperature between -5 and 105 degrees Celcius.    The data aquisition capability of the TPC series converters enable them to measure fan RPM, inlet and exhaust temperatures and any measurable quantity, a sensor for which can be purchased.     Any data that is acquired by the buck converter can be uploaded to the HP48 calculator.    The HP48, with it's large memory and flexible programming language can distill data prior to logging so only results are stored.   The programming language native to the HP48, RPL, is a high-level language originally written for arteficial intelligence.   With the appropriate TPC converter, a photovoltaic and battery, operation is possible as a remote control and logging station for years unattended.   Two-way transimission of data over amature or commercial bands is possible.    Browse our products drawer or drop us an email with your personal requirements and see if we can find a fit!

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