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    Our company was inspired in California's fertile Central Valley, just below the Sierra Nevada in a small town called Clovis.  A strong desire for energy independence and a deep love and respect for the environment prompted the questions that pointed to energy as the main gauge for human environmental destruction.

    Our society requires energy to function, thus we need an environmentally benign source of energy if we are to have a sustainable lifestyle.  Many energy sources are being investigated.  The most robust installations have “diversified” their energy income.

    The Maridyne Company offers a line of energy management tools and equipment to help ensure the reliability and sustainability of an independent energy distribution system.  These include AC to DC converters for battery charging from the utility grid or generator, DC to DC converters for battery charging from photo-voltaics or other DC sources, and DC to AC inverters, which derive high voltage ac from low voltage DC. 
    Other important offerings are the load optimization devices, which determine the optimal loading of photo-voltaics, hydro or wind turbines, or any other energy source that may be on hand.  Load optimization ensures maximal energy production from these sources. 

  A basic set of data acquisition functions like amp-hour and kilowatt-hour make it possible to monitor the efficiency and operation of any product.

  A solid warranty and prompt replacement of units set this enterprise apart from its competitors.  If you call the Maridyne Company, you will get a real person to address your concerns with no button pushing.  Maridyne aims to be the best, and maintain it’s position in front by operating under the principle of “exchange in abundance”: providing more than expected, sooner than expected, and with the kind of prompt personal service that only a small company can provide.


Our contact information is:

Maridyne Instruments
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