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Remote DC Power Station




Brief Description: 3 DC-DC boards + 1 DC-AC board

Manages main storage battery, starter battery and dash-board battery

and provides one channel of 120V pure sine wave ac output.

Complete remote independent power station, includes batteries and

solar photovoltaic array.


Brief Specs:

input voltage range: 23 to 40 VDC

maximum output power: 500 watts per channel

maximum input current: 20 Amps Fuse for 25A.

efficiency: 92%

features: silent, programmable, remote controlled,

three channels, expandable to 255 channels

meets European requirement for input power factor.

Automatic over-temperature sensing and temporary shutdown

Short-circuit protection

Output voltage programmable from 0 to 25.5 volts in 0.1V increments

Output current limit threshold programmable from 0 to 25.5 amps in 0.1 Amp increments

Thermal regulation threshold programmable from 3.5C to 105.5C in 0.4 increments







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