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         Maridyne Instruments offers high reliability power converters for the marine marketplace.   The TPC series power converters are Maridyne's solution to tungsten lamp dimming.  Some offshoot applications are also exhibited.

An easily programmable 12/24 volt DC remote controlled dimmer switch which provides "mood button" functionality.   With the TPC0001 you can set the lighting mood in a room with the touch of a single button.

The single channel companion to the TPC0001.    Independently addressable, the TPC0002 seamlessly expands your system to any number of channels.   

The TPC0003 computerized photovoltaic loading system automatically finds the optimum load for maximum yield from your photovoltaic array.
  As sunlight on the array increases, the algorithm increases the load; as sunlight wanes, the algorithm lightens the load, always staying on top of the peak in the power Vs. load curve.

Remote DC Power Station insures uninterrupted DC power for engine cranking & ignition while maintaining a separate energy store for in-dash functions (lights/windows/fan/radio) and, finally, a regulated 20 Amp output for the cigarette lighter adapter.   The TPC0004 is intended to be used with a large 24V deep-discharge marine battery, a cold-cranking battery, a small gell-cell battery and a photovoltaic array.

Battery Analyzer:    The TPC0005 measures amp-hour capacity, overall energy storage, storage efficiency and internal resistance of any 12, 24 or 36 volt battery.   Dischage curves and Reimann Sums of the area under the curve quickly betray a battery's condition.

24V to 12V Converter provides clean regulated power for your 12V applications from an input voltage that can range from 12V to 42V DC.    The 0006 insures reliable 13.8 (presettable, of course) volts at the load with such features as remote sense, overtemperature protection, output short circuit protection and input reverse polarity protection.    Optional amp-hour or kilowatt-hour counting is available.

Because a large yacht can incur a steady DC load of 1kA or more on its 24 volt battery, the high current 24/36 volt TPC0007 is designed to maintain the ships battery at full charge and rapid charge it at the same time, automatically discriminating between a worn and discharged battery and warning you of any maintenance required.

Season Simulator:   On-board microprocessors orchestrate four DC power outputs and over a thousand on/off channels (AC or DC) to simulate winter, spring, summer or fall (any date, actually) of any part of the world. Advanced mathematical functions interpret a plethora of sensor signals, stores them all while regulating the quantities they measure.  Also keeps a log of all actions taken. Complete and permanent logs maintained for optimization purposes. Vegetation rates as high as five times those found in nature are possible with the right peripheral equipment.

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